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Gary's Custom Pedestals and Bases caters to the taxidermist who demands a quality product to display their customer's trophy.  We offer the following products and services:

Pedestals-low and high profile

Display bases-Customized, oval and round

Glass display bases-Customized only

Wall panels


Post displays

Picture Frames

One-of-a-kind display bases/panels

Display shelves with easy hang system

Anything else you may need and want to set your work aside from others.

All products can be customized to fit any size species of animal.

My work is a combination of rustic, elegance and old-time appeal.  Sure to enhance your work and not take away from the animal.

I work with you on the stain and specific finish you desire at no extra cost.  

Fern Plant

Personalized Communication Throughout Design and Decision Making Process

I work directly and only with taxidermists and not the public.  On rare occasions I have (and am willing)  worked directly with your customer to help design that perfect project.  I only discuss costs with the taxidermist and not the client.

Mountains in Fog


My work is all handmade and inspected personally.  Unlike the large suppliers' products, my work is built solid and designed for durabiity as well as appearance.  The work also has the taxidermist in mind for attaching the animal and installation of habitat to the base.   

Forest Home

Shipping or Pickup

We all know what shipping costs are like in today's world.  I never mark up the shipping costs and use only qualified companies to deliver your larger items.   I guarantee you will be quite surprised with how low the actual costs of shipping can be.  


114 Stallion Road

412 600-9551

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